Pricing & Payment Info


  • Check-In & Medication Refill (10 minutes) $130
  • Medication Management (25 minutes) $160
  • Psychotherapy & Medication Management (50 minutes) $255
  • Psychiatric Evaluation (50 minutes) $325


  • Credit & Debit Card
  • Bank Debits/ACH
  • Digital Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, Microsoft Pay, etc..)

Payments are made through Stripe a secure & PCI compliant platform

Cancelation Policy

As a display of respect for each others time we ask you to cancel or reschedule your appointment a minimum of 48 hours prior to its scheduled start.

Appointments & Scheduling

  • Easy to use calendar allows booking and cancellations of appointments 24/7
  • Options to set up recurring appointments
  • Schedule accessed through new or existing patient buttons

Insurance & Reimbursement

I am considered out-of-network, meaning patients are billed directly and can seek financial reimbursement from their insurance company.

Third Party Reimbursement Resources:

  • Reimbursify
  • GoodRX